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Monday, January 14, 2008

Ubuntu/Tomcat 5.5 Issues

I've been running Ubuntu Linux, specifically Feisty Fawn, and Tomcat 5.5 on a server at my house for a few months now. So far I've encountered only one issue: Tomcat5.5 doesn't start properly. In order to start it (once the script has run), I've had to go to the /var/log/tomcat5.5 directory and sudo cat the catalina.out file. Doing so jump starts the tomcat console and messages start displaying. Once the INFO: Server startup message appears, I ctrl-C out of the catalina.out file. While this workaround solves the issue, it causes me some extra steps every time I reboot the server or restart tomcat...not that I have to do that very often. But, it's a pain. Tonight I finally had enough and starting searching the web for a solution. I found an explanation and a solution here on Cefn Hoile's blog. Thanks Cefn! I've listed the solution below for those of you who find my blog first: the first time you startup tomcat you:
  1. cd /var/log/tomcat5.5
  2. sudo mv catalina.out catalina.out.old
  3. sudo touch catalina.out
  4. sudo chown tomcat55:nogroup catalina.out
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