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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Using the Kindle iPhone App

Let me start by saying I don't own a Kindle. I've thought about purchasing one, but the $359 price tag seems a little steep. Last year I purchased a Sony Reader PRS505 as part of an inventory liquidation...meaning I got it cheap. While I've enjoyed the Reader, I must admit I've experienced Kindle envy with regards to available titles and wireless capabilities.

Yesterday Amazon released the Kindle iPhone app. Now we're talking. I love my iPhone. I was more than willing to give up the Blackberry for it. Analysts are already predicting that this is going to be huge. Amazon finally figured it out: give away the app (or appliance) and sell the books. Though I prefer the larger screen size of the Kindle and the Reader, I have no problem reading books on the iPhone.

Amazon has made it a simple process for me to purchase a book and have it sent automatically to my phone...very cool. The Kindle application is easy to use. Some features don't work exactly like other iPhone apps. You have to select the font you want from a menu at the bottom of the screen, you can't expand the resolution using your fingers. Instead, swiping your finger across the screen turns the page.

Overall, I give Amazon 2 thumbs up for this one. It has definitely made me an Amazon eBook customer. Oh yeah, my first iPhone eBook: William Gibson's Count Zero. Ironic?

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